Galaxy Shot Released!

Just got word today that my first game, Galaxy Shot, has been released. You can check it out on iTunes here:

Galaxy Shot on iTunes link

The game is a simple strategy-action game that involves positioning your shots with varying velocities in an attempt to destroy the opposing planets. The game is not just simple point and shoot, however, the stars  gravity affect trajectories and you must avoid collisions between asteroids and/or other missiles.

At some point, I’ll be putting out a Lite version of the game as well… stay tuned


Just finished version 1.0 of Galaxy Shot and submitted it for review in the App Store. The final game has a random level generator for playing against the computer or another person. It also features a main game of 10 missions (planning on adding more at some point soon). It also has the ability to save and restore games in progress if an interruption occurs. The game itself consists of setting up a trajectory (taking into account gravity and asteroid collisions) that will destroy the opponents worlds. Here are a few more screen shots.

Setting up the trajectories

Setting up the trajectories

Missiles have been fired...

Missiles have been fired...

Working on a new game…

I’ll be putting a new game up on the App Store shortly, named Galaxy Shot.¬† The objective of the game simply being to destroy the opposing teams planets by strategically aiming and powering a missle; the missle, upon being fired, has its trajectory affected by gravity, wall bounces, and midair collisions. More info to come….. but here are some screenshots so far.