New Game Coming – Harvest

We are nearing completion of a new game, called Harvest. It involves manipulating a stream of particles in such a way that fills up all the containers. You can read about it more here: Harvest. Screenshots are below:


Bounce Away Released

Well its been awhile and it may not seem like it, but we’ve accomplished a lot. Many new games are in the works for us here at Mobile-Bros and one has even made its way up to the Apple Store. That’s right, Bounce Away is now available!

Bounce Away is a simple physics based puzzle game, where you have one or more balls, only ONE shot, and the goal of getting all of the balls into a basket. Along the way there’s blocks, balloons, spikes, dominoes, trampolines, gravity, and bonuses to be had. Very addicting, with high scores as well (hopefully online high scores soon). So check it out here: iTunes Link

Here are some screens, I’ll post a video shortly.

Pachingo Update Coming…

A number of bug fixes have been addressed as well as 3 new levels have been added to bring the total count to 25. A new video has been posted of the “Creepers” Level here:

Pachingo Released!


Pachingo has been released into the App Store jungle. Will probably be putting out a Lite version as well pretty soon. Here’s a link to it in the App Store:

Pachingo – iTunes Store
Pachingo Lite – iTunes Store

Here’s a sweet little audio-less video capture of it in action:

2nd Game in the Works

Started working on my second game a little while back. It’s named Pachingo after the Japanese game “Pachinko” which is similar in nature.

The game resembles pinball, but the balls are shot from above and you must clear a certain numbers of pins before proceeding to the next level. Along the way there are several different types of pins that give you certain bonus’s or possess certain characteristics, you can also get bonuses for achieving certain shots with the ball. Here’s a few screenshots……


Galaxy Shot Lite Released

Galaxy Shot Lite has just been released to the U.S. iTunes store. You can check it out here:
Galaxy Shot Lite

The full version can be found here:
Galaxy Shot

Galaxy Shot Released!

Just got word today that my first game, Galaxy Shot, has been released. You can check it out on iTunes here:

Galaxy Shot on iTunes link

The game is a simple strategy-action game that involves positioning your shots with varying velocities in an attempt to destroy the opposing planets. The game is not just simple point and shoot, however, the starsĀ  gravity affect trajectories and you must avoid collisions between asteroids and/or other missiles.

At some point, I’ll be putting out a Lite version of the game as well… stay tuned