#7 Game Landscape

A WIP maybe for some upcoming adventure game…..


#6 Escape the Sun

Took a lesson out of Digital Painiting Techniques: Volume 2, a tutorial in it by Emrah Elmasli called “The Machine Was Their Only Means Of Escape” and tried to replicate it somewhat. I took a different approach this time, using Paint.net to block out shapes and colors and then used photoshop and the tablet to finish it up.

#4 Sci-fi

Well I jumped into a Sci-fi type of theme as I try to apply some of the concepts I’ve been reading about in Digital Painting Techniques, mostly just trying to speed paint different shapes and then trying to pull them together….. kinda worked, the spaceship doesn’t really make sense and my shadowing isn’t so great, but looks kinda neat I suppose. I realize I like the grass brush a little too much….

Still a work in progress; I also had to lighten up this final image as I realized it came out pretty dark.

#3 Quick Sketch

Just did a quick sketch and painted over it a bit, going for speed; so it’s a work in progress for sure.

#2 Boat in Storm

Ok well challenge 2 was to draw up a rowboat in a stormy sea. This one went a lot quicker and I experimented with a few different brushes, a lot of wavy ones 😉 and a spongey one for the sky.

New Drawing Tablet

Well, I figured I should revive this blog a bit by starting something different. I got an intuos4 drawing tablet the other day and am now determined to learn to use it and photoshop at the same time. So for fun I’ll be periodically posting random drawings, hopefully I’ll learn something and improve as time goes on…..

This first drawing was a challenge given by a friend to draw an old house on a grassy landscape with zombies approaching…. well turned out to just be one, but all in all it doesn’t look too horrible for a first time… I think.

1st drawing

Been awhile…

Well its been awhile since I’ve made a post, but that’s because this blog has been moved to http://www.mobile-bros.com. This page will now become my personal blog…. which probably still be about mobile bros. and iphone development. So anyway, check out http://www.mobile-bros.com, I promise it’ll be a good time.